Photo: Rankin Photography Ltd

I am a Freelance Creative Director based in Berlin.

I grew up in Berlin Kreuzberg, back in the days when you still added the West in front of Germany and discovered my love for photography early on through my father, who was a documentary photographer. After spending a year in London, trying to get rid of my German accent, I studied graphic design at the Lette Verein in Berlin. My first working experience was at the Estudio Mariscal in Barcelona, where the film I worked on ended up with an Oscar nomination. And I ate a lote of Serrano ham.

Back in Berlin I started working at Jung von Matt/Spree before becoming an Art Director at DDB Berlin. I stayed there for 9 years and worked my way up to become a Creative Director leading an amazing international team. During this time I was part of a work exchange program with DDB New York and took a sabbatical to backpack through Latin America. 

I was never member of any club until I was elected to be a member of the Art Directors Club Germany.
14 Cannes Lions:
2 x Gold, 4 x Silver, 8 x Bronze

1 Grand Prix, 12 x Gold, 6 x Silver,
3 x Bronze

D&AD: 2 x Graphite + 1 Wood Pencil

LIA: 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze

Epica: 6 x Gold

New York Festival:
2 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 3 x Bronze

One Show:
Grand Prix, 2 x Gold, 2 x Silver

CLIO: 1 x Gold, 1 x Silver

Webby Awards: 4 x Winner

AME Awards: 4 x Gold, 1 x Platin

ADC Germany: Grand Prix,
6 x Gold, 5 x Silver, 3 x Bronze

ADC Junior of the Year 2013
Pink Ribbon Germany
Reporters Without Borders
Human Right Film Festival
Aktion gegen den Hunger
fritz kola
Volkswagen AG
AEG International
Lidl Fashion International

New York Festival
GoSee Awards

ADC Conference 2019

& a little Spanish

Stays abroad
2017 – 2018: 5 months travelling Latin America

2014: 3 months at DDB New York 

2008: 6 months at Estudio Mariscal Barcelona, Spain

2001 – 2002: Learning English in London, England