Don’t make-up and drive

In England alone, more than 500,000 traffic accidents are caused by women applying make-up.

Based on this insight, we wanted to educate women drivers on the unknown hazards of applying makeup while driving. No one ever expects to be in a car accident – the whole experience is extremely jarring and shocking. We simulated this sensation in a video with the intention to open our audience’s eyes to a very plausible reality.

Client: Volkswagen
Created at DDB Berlin

My Role ········ Art Director
Creative Director ········ Marc Isken, Nils Haseborg
Copy ········ Valerie Meiss
Account Manager ········ Christina Müller
Agency Producer ······ Susi Schneider
Film Production ······ MR.BOB
Producer ······ Ben Foehr
Director ······ Milo
Artist & Stylist ······· Nikkie de Jager
DOP & Light ········· Michael Schreitel
Set Maker ······ Croft Company
Post Production ······· Pirates ‘n Paradise Berlin
Sound Design ······· Giesingteam Kai Hoffmann