Integrated Campaign to launch German discounter Lidl’s collaboration with celebrity Heidi Klum

The campaign rolled out in 28 countries. And instead of hiding the discounter identity and heritage, Lidl proudly brought the supermarket and fashion world together.

Turning a catwalk into a conveyor belt and presenting the collection in a stylized supermarket designed in the Lidl brand colours blue, red & yellow at the New York Fashion Week. The news spreaded quickly around the world and was heavily discussed in social media.

Client: Lidl Fashion International
Created at DDB Berlin

My Role ········ Senior Art Director
Creative Director ········ Caroline Beckert
Art Director ········ Julia Rebentisch

Copywriter ········ Tina Uhlemann
Account Director ······ David Barton
Agency Producer ······· Jürgen Joppen
Art Buying ········· Kimberly Bianchi
Photography/Director ︎ Rankin
Production/Postproduction ······· Rankin Photography Ltd

Production Design ······· Brandon Mendez
PR ······· Häberlein & Mauerer