Whistles for Whistleblowers

A symbolic product for an important cause.

The war on whistleblowers is a war on the freedom of information. A few courageous people are risking their lives for us all. Therefore responsibility lies with all of us to support these brave individuals.

A symbolic product for an important cause. Whistles with portraits of Edward Snowden, Kathrine Gun and Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning. By blowing the whistle, you’re giving the whistleblowers a voice.

The whistles were sold online, with the profits going to Reporters Without Border’s work for information freedom.

Buy your whistle ︎ here

Client: Reporters Without Borders
Created at DDB Berlin

My Role ········ Art Director
Copywriter ········ Edward Sedelius
Creative Director ······ Veit Möller, Nils Haseborg
Executive Creative Director ······· Matthias Schmidt
Chief Creative Officer ········· Eric Schoeffler
Junior Art Director ······ Karin Reineke, Marie Steixner
Account Director ······ Paul Dombek
Film Production ······· Multivision Hamburg

Digital Design ······· Konradin Resa, Marc Kaufholz, Doga Guerdal, Lukas Doraciotto
Film production & animation········· Nikita Kiril Kronlund
Fotografie ······ Karin Reineke
Illustration ······· Sebastian Hudert
Musik ······Chromatics “Tick of the Clock”
Label ······· Italians do it better, Verlag Kobalt Music Group.
Musicsupervision ······Tro (Chris Hammerl)
Web Development ······· Agenturwerft, Marco Lipp